Elegant beauty seduced the young man

Crazy sex all night long

Aimee’s school was closed for the summer. She took Jason to Bordeaux for a three-day trip, where they would stay at her cousin Hannah’s vineyard.

When they arrived at the winery, Hannah showed genuine hospitality. She gave them a tour of the vineyard and treated them with a hearty dinner. She and Jason bonded quickly.

Hannah led Evan to his guest room while Aimee led Jason to his.

Once inside Jason’s room, Aimee threw herself on the bed. Cheerfully, she said, “Great! We can sleep in the same bed!” Aimee and Jason had become acquainted, and her initial shyness was long gone.

“What? You’re going to sleep here?” Jason scolded her immediately. “You can’t sleep around casually. What if I made advances? Go back to your room!”

Aimee thought he was going to take her virginity, so she said happily, “Hehe! That’s exactly what I have in mind! I want you to make advances! I have prepared to lose my virginity to you tonight.” She appeared to be joking, but she also seemed serious. She was not shy at all. Jason felt embarrassed.

Jason thought it was inappropriate for her to say something so explicit, joking or not. He scolded her again. “Nonsense! Sex is for adults. Put it out of your mind. I promised your parents I would take care of you!” He finally took Evan’s teasing seriously.

“But I am already sixteen! Many of my classmates have already lost their virginity. If I still have no experience when they talk about sex, they will laugh at me!” This confirmed that Aimee was not joking.

Aimee’s absurd idea had originated from the chitchat among her classmates. They were in the habit of bragging about their sexual experiences, and this made her curious—so she came up with the idea of using this trip to lose her virginity.

Jason sighed in frustration. He could hardly believe what Aimee had said. When he was in high school in the States, only boys bragged about losing their virginity; he had never heard of girls doing this. Was it because France is particularly liberal, or was it because the new generation is particularly promiscuous? Regardless, he was firm with Aimee. “Drop this depraved idea. Your parents would be upset if they knew about this!”

Laster, upon Jason’s request, Hannah let Jason stay at her own bedroom, and she went to sleep in her late father’s room. She gave her own bedroom to Jason to show hospitality.

After dinner, Jason went back to the room. He turned on the bathtub faucet and undressed himself, getting ready to take a bath.

Hannah came to her parents’ room, but the door was locked. The key was in her room.

Stepping into her room, she heard the bathtub water running. Suddenly, she saw Jason standing next to the bathtub, stark naked.

Surprised, Hannah took in Jason’s broad shoulders, firm ass, and long legs. His seductive charm enveloped her. Without further thought, she decided to stay.

Forgetting about the key, she went to the closet and removed her clothes. She put on a bathrobe, went to the bar to pour two glasses of wine, and entered the bathroom.

Jason sat down in the bathtub, surprise to see Hannah walk in with the robe covering her half-clad breasts, he was surprised.

Holding the wineglasses, she approached the tub and smiled. “My parent’s room was locked, and I’ve forgotten where I put the key. I have to sleep here tonight. Is that alright?” She passed him a glass.

Jason felt as though he were dreaming. His eyes glittered as he looked at Hannah’s sexy, seductive figure. A feeling of lust surged and his dick became erect right away.

He stood up to take the glass. Excitedly, he said, “That’s wonderful! Let’s make a toast to our night!”

His dick was wiggling as he got up, and Hannah could see it clearly. Aroused by the view, she gave him a seductive smile.

Jason took her glass and put it on the tray. He pointed to her bathrobe and asked, “Shall we remove it?”

His glittering and inquisitive eyes were too much for Hannah to refuse. She smiled and made no objection. Immediately, Jason removed her robe.

Hannah’s snow-white, impeccable body was in full view. Her exquisite, tender breasts and cherry-red nipples were inviting.

Jason’s penis pointed upward, as if spewing fire. He could feel a raging current of lust flowing down from his abdomen.

Hannah did not have to flirt, being a woman of natural beauty and charm. The young, adrenaline-driven Jason stood no chance of resisting her charm.

Jason pulled Hannah into the bathtub. When she barely had one foot in the tub, an unstoppable urge came over him; he held her in his arms and kissed her.

Hannah could feel Jason’s powerful lust for her. It made her horny.

They both had one leg outside and one inside the bathtub. As they kissed each other passionately, the desire that had been brewing all day long was finally exploding.

Hannah had abstained from sex for a long time, so the feeling was exceptionally strong for her. She was burning with desire, her body leaning into Jason’s as she responded passionately to his touch.

Jason’s penis was rubbing against her crotch, looking ferocious. He could feel Hannah’s soaking wet pussy; he could not contain himself any longer. Looking at her with pleading eyes, he mumbled, “I want you—I want you now.” He caressed Hannah’s leg—the one outside the tub—and raised it high before sliding his penis into her pussy.

Excited beyond words, he mumbled as he rubbed against Hannah, his penis thrusting in and out.

An inexplicable throbbing feeling rushed into Hannah’s heart. A passionate flame ignited in her body, and she instinctively moved her in rhythm with Jason.

They made passionate, unstoppable love. Jason pounded her hard while she lay at the edge of the bathtub, which was ten inches wide and seemed to be made for lovemaking.

Hannah had one leg on Jason’s shoulder and the other in the water. Jason grabbed her breasts and pounded her pussy nonstop.

“So good! It feels so good!” Hannah’s lustful moaning and groaning filled the room.

She trembled and shook her head in excitement. The stimulation was so strong that she almost peaked. Soon, she neared orgasm and shouted, “Give it to me! Give it to me quick! I’m coming—oh—oh—I’m coming!” With a strong, spasmodic convulsion, she reached orgasm. It felt like an out-of-body experience, like she had gone to heaven.

Jason trembled with pleasure. His dick was squeezed and sucked by Hannah’s strong orgasmic waves; though he tried to delay his orgasm, he couldn’t stop the sensation and came as well.

Hannah lay on the bathtub’s edge, panting. This was the most sensational sex of her life, bringing a feeling of relief to her body and mind, ridding her of the inexplicable depression she had endured for some time.

Jason was a little annoyed that he came so quickly. He felt unsatisfied and wanted more. In the past, he had been able to last for over half an hour. Sighing, he held Hannah and brought her into the tub.

Still recovering from the excitement, Hannah leaned back on Jason in the tub. Jason wrapped his arms around her from behind, massaging her breasts as he nuzzled her neck affectionately.

After a while, Hannah turned to face him. Looking at him with affection, she wrapped her arms around his neck. “It’s amazing that you made me come so quickly. I am embarrassed!”

Jason smiled and did not say a word. He brushed a strand of hair from her face and kissed her.

After kissing her, he passed her the wineglass. “I also peaked very quickly. I am the one who should be embarrassed! You drive me crazy. Let’s make a toast to our lovemaking!”

Looking at the empty glass, Hannah said, “Wait here. I’ll get another bottle.” She stepped out of the tub and walked toward the wine rack.

In a short while, music started to play in the background, and she came back with a bottle of wine. She stepped back into the tub, straddling Jason’s lap.

She poured herself a glass, took a sip, and leaned toward Jason to kiss him, pouring the wine into his mouth.

Jason drank the wine excitedly—and he returned the seductive gesture. They were being flirtatious and enjoying each other’s playful games.

Jason filled the wineglass and poured the contents on Hannah’s breasts. He put her nipple in his mouth, sucking on it as he poured the wine. Hannah felt excited and laughed.

Hannah motioned to Jason to lie down in the bathtub and spread his arms and legs. Sipping a mouthful of wine, she put his dick in her mouth, sucking on it and stimulating the glans with her tongue. She sucked and licked and bobbed her head up and down, sipping more wine as she continued.

Jason’s penis was soon erect again. His erection was like a big eagle, full of energy and life. Hannah was horny again, so she straddled his lap and put his dick inside her pussy.

Letting go of all reservations, she went up and down, left and right, sometimes deep and sometimes shallow. She moved so vigorously that the water was splashing everywhere.

Jason put down his legs, unable to hold the position any longer. His hips sank into the water. Hannah sank with him, his dick inside her pussy.

Jason sat at the bottom of the tub. He held Hannah with one hand on her hip and the other behind her head, kissing her passionately.

Hannah hugged him back and responded to his kiss. Tongues tangled, they licked and sucked each other’s lips and tongues, igniting each other’s lustful flames. Hannah squirmed her hips with more force.

They rubbed against each other so long the water turned cold. Jason was insatiable; holding Hannah’s hips, he stood up. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she let him carry her to the bed.

He lay her on the side of the bed, put her legs high on his shoulders and grabbed her thighs, and started pounding her.

He grabbed her breasts and kneaded them, spread her legs wide to go deeper inside her, and then fucked her doggy style. They enjoyed many positions. Hannah was fucked so hard that she screamed and came multiple times.

The random encounter had turned into a lustful night, and they dove into the sex feast as if there were no tomorrow. They had one orgasm after another until they ran out of energy.

All of Jason’s previous sexual partners were young and inexperienced. This experience with Hannah was eye-opening.

Hannah was mature, open, and charming. She dared to take the lead and gave him a never felt before experience. Compared to the girls he had before, who were lacking in sexiness, openness, or passion, Hannah was so much better. Men like women who can transport them into a fantasy world. It was no wonder Jason found her so irresistible and had sex with her all night long.

Men are creatures of contradictions. After having sex with many conservative women, when they have a chance to make love to a wild type, they would be tired of the conservative type and fall in love with the wide type. Jason was like that.

There is a joke about this phenomenon. A wife asks her husband, “The neighbor’s wife is beautiful and sexy. Why does her husband still have affairs?”

The husband replies, “Our son can answer your question.”

The wife thinks the proposition is absurd, so the husband asks the son, “Son, I bought a remote-controlled toy car for you that costs hundreds of euros. Why are you still interested in your friend’s cheap toy car?”

The son says, “Because I haven’t played with it yet!” (To be continued)

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